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Dating in the modern world is hard but so is building a brand. Here at The Dating Truth we recognize how difficult it can be to reach your target audience, and build a personal brand when you’re busy serving clients. When you publish your content on The Dating Truth, you leverage nearly 10 years of our strong brand reputation. We’ve reached over 2M+ readers, averaged 40k+ visits per month, and have a social impact reach of nearly 80k people across platforms.

Unlike other lifestyle sites, The Dating Truth is 100% about dating and relationships which lends to our credibility. Our readers trust our content and are more likely to take action on post published here than elsewhere on the web, and our analytics prove it. We understand how to promote and share content across the web, and guarantee that your articles will be seen, shared, and trusted.


Our goal is to create, produce, support, and promote the best dating advice on the web. We exist to help single men and women become better daters. We also exist to spread the world’s best dating and relationship advice, news and information. We strive to be the connection between the world’s most knowledgeable experts with the single men and women that need it most. 


Honest. Straight-forward. Action-oriented. Informative. The Dating Truth prides itself on honest and informative content to help modern singles become better daters. We accept content that represents a wide range of experiences, diverse viewpoints, and writing styles. The goal is to be helpful, optimistic, honest, and actionable. We accept written content, and videos.


Friendly, upbeat, encouraging, optimistic, open-minded, and professional. We all know what it’s like to single, and we look for pieces that readers can relate to. We want, the head-nodding, that’s a good point, never thought of it that way type of thought pieces that offer key takeaways that singles can put to use in their love lives.


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Publishing content on our site is absolutely FREE for experts and writers. We allow all experts to include links to your website. *Note: If you have a review site, dating app, or other business click here.

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Not at all. We use a canonical URL to tell search engines that original content and your republished content are the same. By using canonical URLs (HTML link tags with the attribute rel=canonical), your content is published on The Dating Truth without harming your rankings.

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Yes, we accept previously published content. Our technical team ensures that your SEO is not affected. If you have questions reach out to us via email.

What are other benefits of publishing on The Dating Truth? 

Other than being absolutely free, publishing with The Dating Truth guarantees an audience for your content. We are dedicated to creating a beneficial relationship for our experts and our readers. We have quality content, with high-speed publishing time. Your content won’t sit in cue. We publish most submissions within a week of receipt. Plus, we promote your posts across all social channels, as well as create custom graphics for you to share with your audience.

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