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The Dating Truth is the first publishing platform exclusively for dating advice. We make it easy for single adults age 21-65 to find the best dating advice available online from the experts around the world. We publish content submitted by experts, matchmakers, coaches, and brands. Started in 2009, The Dating Truth is one of the Internet’s leading advice sites for dating and relationship advice. We’ve attracted over 2M readers and garnered over 700k views on social media.

As we grow, our goal is to connect single adults with the best dating and relationship advice available online today. To date, we are the ONLY publishing platform dedicated to dating advice.


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For years The Dating Truth has successfully partnered with brands to help increase their brand awareness, reader engagement, site traffic, and leads. Companies like Hims/Hers, FreeDatingAmerica, RomanceCompass.com and many more trust our platform to widen their audience reach and the results speak for themselves.

We’ve garnered 250k+ views for our sponsors and are building an efficient and effective publishing process to guarantee more readers engage with your content.


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