Nothing is the answer.


Recently,  Underclub  polled over 1000 men in a private group on Facebook. I asked them one simple question, “What can you tell about a woman by her underwear?” The results revealed two really important facts: men hadn’t really thought about it, and it wasn’t very important.


Not that I think it should be, but lingerie is still one of the most gifted items from men to women.

Maybe men are less aware or observant than we realize when they’re in the company of a woman. Their focus is on connection not apparel. Which is a little refreshing. It supports the belief that I’m seeing more brands adopt that what you wear is for you.


One member mentioned, “It is desirable as a man to experience a woman who chooses underwear that really enhances her appearance as well as that makes her feel confident and self assured.”


Another member commented,

“Personally as long as a woman’s underwear is feminine, then I don’t mind. I’ve had girlfriends that were passionate about their lingerie and while I certainly enjoyed the way (expensive lingerie) looks and feels, it’s certainly not a big deal to me.

The answer was a universal, nothing.”


You can feel relieved that there is nothing you special you need to wear to impress a guy that you wouldn’t wear to impress yourself. Men are visual creatures. Or so we’re told. But when it comes to intimates, it’s really is about the woman behind the bra and panties than the matching set itself.

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