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When you meet someone online the first date can make or break the relationship.

A great first date is critical. In simpler times you could go to a movie and save the conversation for date number two. Nowadays everything about the date is scrutinized from what you wear, where you dine, to what you do and say. More and more singles find themselves being judged and judging others not by our company but by the date itself.

As an innovative way to promote connection, a new online dating site, PyaarStory.com, is trying to emphasize the experience of the first date and not all the pressure.

Instead of meeting for coffee, which can seem like an interview or committing two hours of your time to an overpriced dinner. Pyaarstory.com allows members to suggest creative and carefully planned dates before they choose a match. Their refreshing process allows users to attract interest from other members that have a shared vision of a good time.

So what type of dates should you plan to make your profile attractive and interesting to others?

The Creative Date– Enjoy a paint night. Fire up your inner Picasso and enjoy an art inspired affordable date. For less than a four star meal you and your date can paint, sip wine and leave with a souvenir.

Baseball Game (with Fireworks) America’s favorite pass time is also a great date idea. Popcorn, beer and the price of tickets equal a casual and relaxing night under the stars. Add a firework display (check the game schedule) and leave the sparks to the professionals.

Hike, Bike and Pack A Picnic– Show your adventurous side by taking a walk, bike or hike in your city. Find a beautiful view, plan a trail and pack a picnic. Become your date’s personal tour guide while learning more about the city together. Pack a small lunch and your favorite bottle of wine and create a unique experience.pyaar story

Adding an offline component that encourages members to meet, by proposing date ideas, is a huge benefit to members. Instead of complicated algorithms and endless questionnaires, PyaarStory.com keeps profiles basic.

Create a quick profile, propose a few dates, attract interest, and you’re on your way!

You won’t need to rack your brain for a date idea the day of the date. When online sites allow members to propose date ideas, perspective matches can choose the dates they would enjoy with the people they would enjoy them with. By planning ahead of time you can craft a first date idea to express your individuality, personality, creativity and interests.

Pyaar Story

Pyaarstory.com is offline-focused dating site for contemporary, young professional Indian-Americans in their 20s and 30s. Sign up for a free trial today.

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