How To Attract Men Easily

How is a man supposed to get to you when you’re hiding from the world?

The most frequently asked question that I get from women is:

Where do I meet men? Secondly, how do I meet them?

If you’re a guarded person, like most women are, you want a man to attempt to ask you out but there are rules and limitations to what you’ll allow.
You want him to think you’re pretty but not look too closely to see any imperfections.

You want him to notice your figure or not notice your figure or only notice the parts that you like. Maybe your ankles. He can look at your body but he can’t think about trying to sleep with you or about you naked.

Ok, any man who would think about you naked need not apply.

Not unless the lights are off or until you lose those last ten pounds. And he can notice you but only when you look somewhat respectable. Not on a workday, not after yoga, not when you’re going to the gym, not when you’re grocery shopping. Eww, not when you’re at the mall.

Well unless Sephora is having a promotion and you might be getting your makeup done.

Oh and definitely not on a day that you feel fat.

But he can’t talk to you too long, he must buy you a drink, and he can’t have been married. Married once but no kids, unless there’s a really great reason he got divorced and he co-parents.

He has to have a job and a car. He has to be at least 5’10 and own more button downs than polo shirts.
And be college educated and financially responsible and speak another language. Oh and own a passport.

Within an average day, most women I come across dress in a way that screams, “Only talk to me if it’s an emergency.”

If you ask me how to meet men or where I’d say just leave the house and smile.

The fear that you have of someone speaking to you when you aren’t looking glam on a Friday night is the reason you’re single. Leaving that teeny tiniest window of opportunity for a man to speak to you isn’t going to cut it.

You want to meet a man, but have you created opportunities for men to meet you? Are you expecting him to ring your doorbell? Don’t answer that.

There is only one secret to attracting men and that’s to want to.

You have to decide that you want men to see you. Not when your hair is done, not after you lose ten pounds and not when you’re the sexiest/sluttiest dress in your closet but all the time.

If you’re hiding from men any day of the week, odds are that’s the day the man of your dreams is behind you in line at Target. That’s the day he’s crossing the parking lot at the same time you are.

That’s the day he’s thinking he wants to talk to a beautiful woman and that could be you but you’re hidden away behind workout clothes and insecurity.

The secret to meeting men is wanting to meet them, not just on your terms but all the time. I hope this was helpful.

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