Men Love Happy Women

It’s not very often that I write short posts these days but I thought it best to get to the point as quickly as possible.

There is no secret to men. There is no complicated science to men. There is one constant, unchanging reality when it comes to men that you need to accept.

Men love happy women.

The only way to ensure that you will date and keep any man you set your heart on is to commit to your own happiness.

If you fall for a man whose behavior and treatment makes you miserable there’s only one choice, to leave him or he will leave you. If a man breaks up with you, it’s likely that he wasn’t happy with you because you weren’t happy with yourself.

To be fair, I’m not blaming anyone for the failure of a relationship. I’m not suggesting by any means that ending the relationship wasn’t the right thing for both parties involved. I’m certainly not excusing any poor behavior from any man because his girlfriend didn’t paste a smile on her face but the truth is the truth.

Happiness is a choice.

Once you choose to be happy, negative behaviors will only make you feel bad.

Being happy encourages you to make better choices in every aspect of your life because you’re not searching for external sources of joy. You don’t need anything or anyone to “feel good”.

That means you don’t turn to food, sex, drugs, abusive relationships or destructive actions to ease your misery.

Being happy also helps you choose better men to date. You don’t need to find a man that’s a mess because you feel a mess or to find a mind to fix to deflect from your faults.When you’re happy men will flock to you.

You’ll attract the type of men who want to make you happier not just the kind to distract you from your misery and insecurities.

Did I just blow your mind? I think I did.


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