Why You Should Only Date People That Like You

Once upon a time I met a great guy.

Not only was he attractive, well-educated, well-traveled and gainfully employed but also he liked me.

He was a gentleman and I felt so lucky to have run into such good fortune.

Then I let my imagination run wild.

He’s too good to be true, he doesn’t know what he wants and all of a sudden I began questioning my value. What could I bring to the table, what did I have to offer, and why was he being so damn nice to me?

And that was the beginning of the end.

In our single lives we spend time talking a big game about what we want and what we feel we deserve.

We tell ourselves, and anyone who will listen, what a great catch we are, how wonderful we are and what’s wrong with the world that potential dates can’t see it.

We are completely sold on our own hype until we meet the person we like.

If you’re like me, you know that you’re the but you still wonder, ‘Why do they like me?’

If you ever wonder why we chase after those elusive dates, and singles that aren’t that into us, it’s because when we work hard to get someone to like us, and they do, we feel like we know why.

Whether you’re dropping mega bucks on dates to impress them or offering porn star sex to keep them interested, you feel secure that they’re into you because you’re trying so hard.

It makes sense.

Unfortunately, too many singles have a hard time accepting that someone they like would like them back by simply getting to know them.

I don’t blame you for being suspicious, especially when the last person you dated needed so much convincing of your worth.

You had to jump through hoops, perform miracles, save lives and kiss babies just to get your prior boo’s attention. Now all of sudden someone who doesn’t know you from Adam or Eve is interested in dating you.


I’ve come to believe that we as adults have such a hard time accepting that others like us because it’s taken us so long to like ourselves. Women will categorize a man that likes her, as ‘naïve’, ‘too nice’ or ‘boring’ and men will call a woman who’s interested ‘eager’, thirsty’ or ‘inexperienced’.

We just don’t want to believe that it isn’t a struggle to get potential dates to think we’re interesting and attractive.

So what should you do the next time it seems a potential date is interested in you? Stay Calm and Date Them.


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