Why You Should Stop Looking For Your Soul Mate

The first step to figuring out your love life is to stop trying to figure out your love life.

There are things you want. I know that. You know that. Being clear is the first step to being honest and being honest is the first step to being happy.

So great, you now have an idea of what it is you want out of your love life and after X amount of years at the drawing board, I want you to put the pen down and step away.

Here is how it’s going to work.

You’re flawed. You’re more than flawed, I want to tell you that you are f*cked up. I know I said before that you were a wonderful person, and you still are but you are as wonderful as everyone else and no less f*cked up.

The good news is, being a mess is nothing to be ashamed of. The fear you have that the person you like or love will find out you’re you, not that special, a fraud or imposter is unfounded and unrealistic.

Even if you were the scum of the earth, you would deserve and be entitled to, no less, wanting and receiving whatever it is your heart desired.

There are two reasons that what you want out of your love life hasn’t come:

  1. You didn’t wait for it.
  2. You don’t think you deserve it.

But I know, you’re single, that means you’re still waiting right? But essentially you’re mourning not waiting. The things you wanted and thought you deserved are slowly becoming the things you wish you ‘d gotten and are, with each passing day, things you’re letting go of.

Stop right there.

It’s like waiting for a man to call but you’re already steaming mad by the time the phone rings.

Getting the things you want are a test of your faith. What do you believe in, yourself, the universe, maybe God almighty? At this point, you’ve tried everything so what have you got to lose?

You have to have patience not indifference.

You have to have faith not fear.

And most important, you have to ask for what you want. Not once, not twice but like that petulant child you were when you wanted to go out on a school night. You knew if you begged and pleaded and promised you could go. And all you wanted in life was to be allowed.

This is my advice to you; find a piece of paper, get your iphone or tablet and write down your ideal partner and your ideal romantic situation.

Beg and plead the universe in a relentless way that will not take no for an answer. Meditate, be hopeful, stop worrying and STOP trying to control the outcome. Without a doubt in your mind, wait for the right answer.


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