Think Like A Man… Date Like a Lady

Do you think like a man?


Unless you are one, I suggest women fall out of the love with the idea of dating like a man. It might have started with ‘Sex and the City’ when the famed Samantha Jones character encouraged that women have ‘sex like a man’.

Meaning no strings attached and no feelings involved. How many women wished they could have the emotional disconnect that most men seem to possess. Date the dopest chick in the world but still casually toss that line.


“I’m just not ready for a relationship right now”

“I just don’t want to hurt you.”


But it’s a fallacy that all men are that cool, calm and collected when it comes to dating. It just seems to be the ones you’re into. But what does thinking like man actually mean & can it help your love life? If you haven’t read Steve Harvey’s first book, the inspiration for the film, there are some key points that resonated with lots of women.


The 90 day rule, and keeper fish vs sports fish.


Harvey recommend that women abstain from sex for 90-days to give men a trial period. He also made claim that men date for sport. A woman who is a sports fish will never get the commitment a keeper fish will and that men know which is which right away.


All this enlightening and inspiring information from the ‘King of Comedy’ changed the way women thought and dated  But did it really? I’ve always been accused of having the mentality & emotional empathy or lack there of, of a male but I got to an age when I realized that being like a man, in any capacity, was a fail in the dating game.


Men want to date women. Femininity isn’t a sign of weakness and being emotional isn’t a curse.


The misconceptions that come with the idea that women should or can indeed think like men is that false assumption that man have stellar dating lives. Men are not in control of the dating game. Confident women know this. Now is the time to put to rest the belief that thinking like a man equals dating like a man which guarantees a successful love life.


Men are not superior daters.


If you think men know something that women don’t when it comes to dating: False. Men face rejection, pine after women who don’t want them as much as women. You just don’t notice because you aren’t interested in those losers men.

Men get their hearts broken.

Rejection knows no color, creed, or gender. We all get dumped at some point and it ALWAYS sucks. Men are not exempt. In fact I turn them down way more often than they do me. I take full advantage of being a woman.

Dating is F*cking expensive.

You want to date like a man, buy a groupon. As Shanel Cooper Sykes, dating and life coach put it, ” I know I’m expensive cause when I take myself out the bill is high”. I would never want the pressure of having to plan dates and pay for them. Thinking like a man requires leading with your wallet in many cases and it’s a ton of pressure! Who wants that!


It’s true, both men and women have their dating secrets and codes but being like a man isn’t the way for women to win them over. I learned a long time ago that men want to date women, not little girls but beautiful confident self-aware woman. Be one and all a man will think is Damn! I need that.


A message from Miss Solomon

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  1. Men get dumped by women more often becausee men are not as selective as women.
    They have no one to blame but themsleves.

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