How To Keep Your Date Interested In The Conversation

When we meet strangers, in any setting, we’re burdened with the task of keeping them interested. Maintaining the interest of a potential date can be a difficult duty. One important element of any interaction is setting yourself apart. Being interesting and better yet unforgettable is a challenging but possible act.

How can you set yourself apart?

In my view, asking interesting questions can catapult an average interaction to a life changing one. People like to talk about themselves. It’s a fact that can’t be denied. When you allow potential dates to do just that, you create attraction and interest.

So how do you ask interesting questions?

Forget the traditional who, what, where, why, when and how. Instead try these unique starters that you may have forgotten to incorporate into your everyday conversation.

In this video I talk about using are, is, it’s, would, and have to start questions. These interrogative words can take simple questions from ordinary to informative. They can engage your potential date and inspire thought.

Take a moment to consider new ways to ask traditional questions that engage and interest the people that you’re talking to.

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