Life is a mirror. Imagine that concept. Envision it in a literal sense. Staring at yourself, into your eyes, you reflect one expression. When you smile, the mirror smiles. When you frown so does the face in mirror. Imagine this concept was real life. In many ways it is.

Numerous other sayings reflect the same sentiment. You give what you get, you reap what you sow and what goes around comes back around.

I read the idea life is a mirror in the book, ‘The 11 Laws of Likability’ by Michelle Lederman.

The moment it struck, this theory stayed with me.

What if we called the people we wanted to call us? What if we reached out to friends that we wanted to reach out to us? Would our lives or our perceptions of our lives and the people in it change if we did what we so desperately desired of others?

Too often we are afraid to give because we think that we won’t get back. We are convinced that we will be taken advantage of if we aren’t guarded. If we don’t protect ourselves we will be hurt, used and abused.

None of these beliefs are true. When you think of the concept that life is a mirror I want you to understand that what you see in the mirror is what the world sees.

What you perceive when you look at yourself is what you project out in the world.

When we speak one script looking at the mirror yet sell another story when we’re in public our deepest beliefs prevail. To the outside world we are confident and independent. In the mirror we are scared, shy and insecure. But what is it that you attract all the while; the accomplishments of someone self-assured, secure and confident or the regrets and failures of our true feelings.

Your goal this year, should be to make the thoughts you think while looking in the mirror consistent to the attitude you project when facing the world. Do your best to yield positivity, peace, harmony and goodwill. If life is a mirror, then it will be returned to you.

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