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What The Man Shortage Can Mean For Your Love Life

If you can’t get a date or you can’t find a man, I hate to break it to you but all the rumors you’ve heard about there being a man shortage are lies ALL LIES.

There is no such thing as man shortage!!

We hear over and over the studies that claim that there are more men than women, men in jail, gay men, married men until slowly but surely the number of eligible bachelors (once you take out the shorties, the brokies and the fatties) are so slim, you’re considering becoming try-sexual.

You’ll try anything sexual.

Today, the only way to combat some of the challenges of meeting Mr. Right is to understand what is holding you back from finding him in the first place. Lets face facts: lots of people play the lottery and only a few win.

You want to be a winner don’t you?

It’s no different in dating. Sure there are married people, but there are divorced people. Yes some men cheat, and unfortunately people die. Just because you find a man and take yourself out of the dating pool does not mean that you’ll be happy or out of the dating game for good.

Part of the idea of dating being a numbers game that I find flawed is that once you do find a good man there is no guarantee that it will last. Once you get back into the dating world blaming the numbers isn’t going to help you. Especially since now there will be one less man to choose from.

There are enough men on earth for the women who want them. The only thing holding any woman back from finding the right man is having the right attitude. The same could be said about wealth, there is plenty of money but we all aren’t rich!

It’s important to learn what attracts men. The ability to attract quality men over and over allows you to have quantity on your side. That way when one relationship doesn’t work out, you can move right along and attract someone else.

Also, why date with the fear that good men are hard to come by? Good men are easy to come by but attracting them may be harder for some women than for others.

To make sure that the men you meet always find you attractive, interesting and a possible potential partner, you must embrace one important key to dating: it’s all about attraction.

It’s unlikely a man will want to date you if he isn’t attracted to you. (Luckily for men, women don’t have such strict restrictions.) Men aren’t as understanding as women and if you don’t turn them on, they won’t take you out.

Your goal is to find a way to appeal to men and the more the better.

3 thoughts on “What The Man Shortage Can Mean For Your Love Life

  1. you think because you open your legs and people pay you attention that you are some kind of expert worth giving advice but you prove your own point you can be too nice and some women are just bitches when the light of your youth fades the power you think you have will be gone and you will eventually be a fatty a shorty a brokey an oldy an undesirable instead of an aging spinster on her way to being a mall walking stretch pants wearing angry old women who was worshiped and adored for the entirety of her youth and mistook this to mean that you were different or special which you are not you see yourself as a baseball legend because you had 1,000 base hits forgeting that points are scored at home plate not first base like the slow kid everyone lets play the game without explaining the rules too because he could never understand them you jump for joy and shout look at me i can hit the ball and run to first base you look like a fool running to first then back to swing the bat again is it that you dont know how to see the finish or are scared to play the real game your the player that wont show up to practice because you think your swing is perfect one day on your 500th first date i hope you see yourself are you an A to B expert or are you an A to Z total failure who never set foot on home plate had 500 first dates and no marriage because your to shallow to ever have what you cant understand in love

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