Simple Dating Advice For Men And Women

Is there a right way or wrong way to date?

How can you tell that you’re dating the right way?

The answer is simple. There is a right way to date and there are two ways to tell that your way of dating is working.

  1. You are getting desired results
  2.  You are happy with yourself and the people who you’re dating

I want to tell you that you are in complete control of who likes you and who doesn’t like you. Maybe not in total control of how much they like you but there are guaranteed ways to at least get potential dates to give you a chance.

If you are getting turned down, blown off or placed in the friend zone by the people you’re interested in, you might want to re-evaluate the way that you’re dating and that is what The Dating Truth (not what you want to believe, just what is) is all about.

If you take my advice and it works, great. If you take it and it doesn’t work, let me know or never visit my site again.

What isn’t going to improve your love life is assuming that any advice, be it mine or others, won’t work because you’ve already become so angry and filled with resentment in your dating life that you can’t accept criticism or the truth. What isn’t going to help you is blaming anyone else for your lack of success.

The one thing that will help you find great potential dates, and inspire them to date you is by being completely honest with how you view dating and your love life. Become totally clear about what you’re looking for in another person and commit to attracting the right people to you.

Going out and searching the world for a date isn’t going to work. Recognizing opportunities for positive connections will.

If you feel compelled to leave comments, feedback, gripes and complaints you’re welcomed to but don’t do it because you’re angry about what I said. Don’t leave a comment because you hate my advice. If you have something to share, do so because you want to be heard and you want help.

That’s all that I ask.


4 thoughts on “Simple Dating Advice For Men And Women

  1. Hi Miss Solomon,

    I couldn’t have agreed with your comments any more. Results speak louder than any other suggestion a person can make.

    Most of the time men and women seem to think that a “reactive” approach to dating and finding love is somehow the right way to date or the most “organic” way for finding a long-term partner but are so misguided by this philosophy.

    Love your work, keep it up


  2. That’s always the case when seeking to educate people.

    People are so used to their own way of thinking that a newer, fresher or just different perspective often makes them feel uncomfortable because to accept it requires a fundamental change and most people are resistant to change.

    All you can do is deliver the message, which you are doing well by the way, and those who are ready to embrace will and those who aren’t, hopefully the time will come when they will be at some point in the future and will remember your wisdom.


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