How To Portray Yourself As High Value In Dating

Do you know your social value?

Perception is reality when it comes to the dating world. We impose so many desires on potential dates that by the time we realize they are not who we thought we were, its six dinners and a paycheck too late.

What matters most in dating isn’t how others perceive us but how we actual portray ourselves. You can shout on the top of your lungs that you aren’t desperate but once missed call, or tardy text message and your ready to grab your car keys and do a slow creep past the crib.

When we want others to accept that we are as valuable as we claim we are, we must walk the walk as well as talk the talk. No matter who you are strangers will make a judgment about you. Hopefully, it’s favorable and something that will attract potential dates.

You can affect this perception by carrying yourself in a way that speaks volumes without saying a word.

When you want to be seen as a high-value dating prospect you have to behave as such and associate yourself with people who reflect that claim.

If you claim not to be a pig, why you rolling around in the dirt and loving it?

Letting your actions speak before your words is a great way to set a standard. When you carry yourself in a mature way people will think you’re classy. If you tell a joke and people laugh, others will think you are funny.

If you smile and others are friendly towards you, you’ll be seen as likeable.

Adding value to yourself begins when people can make their own assumptions about you and be fairly accurate without knowing for sure. Discerning that you are interesting, attractive and desired isn’t something you can broadcast with words.

You have to focus on the image that you’d like to represent and perfection isn’t a good one.

Once you’re clear about the kind of person you want to be seen as, its essential that you act as if.

If you want to be seen as generous its kind to offer to buy a friend a drink. If you want to be seen as arrogant, offer to buy all of their friends’ drinks too.

There is a fine line between a good estimation and a bad one. It’s a line you must flirt with but never cross. You want to remain ambiguous in your personality. Once a potential date feels that they have you figured out, it’s unlikely that they will actually want to date you.

As the saying goes, if you have to say you are, you aren’t.

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