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Being Single Is Awesome Why You Need To Embrace It

There is nothing in the world that I could compare to the wonderfulness of being single.

You can have anyone, you can date anyone, everyone wants to date you and there is nothing but fun to be had and cute outfits to wear. If I didn’t describe your current single experience, I hate to break it to you but you’re doing something wrong. When I say that being single isn’t easy, I mean it. To be fair, law school isn’t easy but I know plenty of lawyers who had the time of their life despite the hard work they had to put in. Just because it isn’t always easy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

Some people may not enjoy their single life because:

They never expected to be single

They’re disappointed with the prospects

They’ve had bad relationships in the past that have left them emotionally wounded

They have a hard time meeting people

They’re friends aren’t single

I could go on but despite the multiple reasons to think of being single as a curse there are more reasons than not that it isn’t. The most important being, you’re not in an unhappy relationship. Thank God for that!

There’s the notion that if you love being single you’re anti-relationships. Or if you want a relationship you haven’t quite embraced the importance of doing bad all by yourself.

Recently on my Facebook fan page, a reader commented that they loved being single. I specifically put that word in italics because for the last two years I have been desperately trying to get singles to enjoy life with or without a relationship. Only to come to the sad realization that they just don’t want to.

You can enjoy the hell out of your single life but just because you don’t shower, with the toaster plugged in beside the tub, doesn’t necessarily mean that you love being single.

It isn’t that I don’t want singles to enjoy their freedom, of course I do. I think dating is awesome. I just want singles to have a clear idea of what it is about their freedom, they’re enjoying.

What I love about dating is far beyond the freedom of being able to share your time with who you choose without having to “check in” with anyone. It’s far beyond the butterflies you get from the newness of dating. And the happy anxiety you get just before each first experience with every new date.

A first date, a first kiss, a first sleep over, the first time they meet your friends etc.

Nothing feels better than hearing the text alert of multiple people who’s mind you’re on and who want to see you soon. It’s refreshing to know at any given time someone will try their best to win you over.

That feeling of being pursued or wanted is irreplaceable. The thought of knowing what it means to someone who you chose to spend your time with them, is fantastic.

However it doesn’t always last because in order to stay single you have to engage with other singles who want to stay that way as well. There are times when, despite the fun you’re having, you have to stop seeing someone who wants a relationship when you don’t.

While singles can relish in the amenities of their singlehood, it comes with a price. It takes two to tango and not everyone wants to play your singlin’ and mingling game with you.

That’s when it’s hard. But again, I want you to enjoy your freedom. I want you to have wild nights and hot dates and flirt with everyone in the room.

What I don’t want is for single people to forget the importance of balance. While you can like the carefree lifestyle, don’t assume without commitment it has to stay superficial. There are lots of ways to build deep bonds and express love. Just make sure you find them, while you’re having fun of course.

2 thoughts on “Being Single Is Awesome Why You Need To Embrace It

  1. I’m not sure why the quote would refer to singles not showering. Doesn’t it make a hell of a lot more sense that you would have better hygiene as a single? When you’re single you have free rein of tail to chase, not to mention work, academic, or personal goals. Makes a whole lot more sense to dress up for that. I tend to slack when I’m with someone, since I’m not concerned with pursuing every hottie I see.

  2. Being single or being married – it’s your choice, and God waitis for you to decide.
    If you choose to be single, do it for the right reasons just like getting married. Being single can afford that time in your life to accomplish certains goals or tasks un-distracted … if that is what is meant by embracing singleness. Such tasks can be:
    * degree programs at college
    * getting a job or launching a career
    * getting back to physical fitness ( losing weight / toning up to look better )
    * getting over hurt of divorce, bad relationship, etc.
    * developing social skills
    * having fun so that you KNOW that marriage is for you

    The list could go on, but there is a hidden trap – using singleness to mask or dofge responsibility, accountability, and cover various fears. All that will do is get you older, still un-married, and then bitterness etc sets in. Being single or married is a decision to be worked out with God, but He is waiting on YOUR decision – it’s known as Free Will that He gave to all of humanity. Jesus was single, Paul was, and others, but of their choosing NOT God’s command. Only two in the entire Bible were called to be single: Jeremiah & Elijah. None else. And God was direct to tell them, spelling out the reasons, and what their mission was. No other recorded calling for singleness. And if someone does feel “led to singleness”, there would be the accompanying “Gift of Celibacy” to go with it. A call to Singleness is NOT a license to be un-married, carefree, and engage in fornication / adultery. That is why Paul put I Cor 7:2 in … to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband ( key word “own” meaning not someone else’s.

    Think about what you want in life … carefully, as your life depends upon it and the ensuing events as a result.

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