You Can Date Anyone You Want And Here’s How

Dating is a game. If you don’t believe me it’s only because you don’t know how to play it.

You wouldn’t face any other challenge in life unprepared yet single people date aimlessly every day, with no plan, any intent, and absolutely zero results.

I want you to decide right now as you read this that you will change your way of thinking.

Every change that will ever be brought about starts in the mind, so I want you to journey with me as I attempt to reprogram your thought process.

You can have anyone that you want.

Not because you’re the baddest, not because you’re a beast but because you have something wonderful to share and its up to you to decide who is worthy of sharing it with.The mistake single’s make is standing around with their hands out waiting for others to bless them or grace with a little bit of time and attention.

If you find yourself wanting to be with someone because of all the wonderful qualities you think they have that you don’t, stop. You are the one with the wonderful qualities and your potential partner is lucky to have the privilege to be blessed with your attention. You are looking for a partner who can complement what you have to offer, not one to fill the voids of what you lack.

Stop letting loneliness and low self-esteem shade your self-image. Take a complete inventory of what you can bring to a relationship and start advertising those attributes.

You have to sell yourself.

If you think anyone has the patience to get to know because we are all looking for love, you’re a damned fool. You have to parade your kindness, sex appeal, intellect and sense of humor for all to see. Humility is the kiss of death in dating.

If you were applying for a job you wouldn’t hide any skills or experience from a potential employer.  You might actually embellish a little just to seem like a more ideal candidate. If you feel that you are the right person for the job you are going to highlight every benefit of having you as an employee, you certainly aren’t going to drop to your knees and beg the company to hire you.

You have at least some shame. Dating is no different, it really isn’t.

You have to believe that your future partner is going to gain just as much from dating you as you are from them, even more. You must believe that you have so much to give and share with them they’d be foolish to turn you down.

You can’t however think of how wonderful this person is and how dating them would change your life. You can’t fantasize on how it would feel to date “someone like that”.

You have to stop telling yourself that you are on the hunt to get when you are actually on a mission to give. But, before you give you have to have.


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