What To Do When You Absolutely Hate Flirting

Many women are afraid to say no.

We’ve all seen the video of Snooki being punched in the face and heard stories of angry men throwing drinks on women after being rejected. Aggressive men are sometimes scary. Instead of having to say no to them, most women would rather be closed off. Who could blame them?

It’s completely reasonable to believe that if you flirt with a man he will get the wrong impression. He might take the interaction to a place that you don’t want it to go. It could get scary.

This is one reason why many women don’t flirt. The other being that many women don’t know how to flirt.

Flirting shouldn’t be just seen as a sexual interaction. Flirting is essentially just being friendly. Think of flirting as a personality trait akin to being bubbly or upbeat. The biggest difference between being flirtatious and just being nice is that people will think you’re sexy.

If you aren’t comfortable with being seen as sexy, that’s an entirely different post but the main point is that flirting isn’t a bad thing. You can and should do it all the time, with everyone. It’s very easy but it does take a level of confidence some women may not have.

If you find flirting difficult, here are a few tips to ease your mind.

  1. Flirting is mostly smiling.
  2. Flirting involves a lot of eye contact
  3. Flirting involves laughing
  4. Flirting involves giving and receiving compliments
  5. Flirting elevates your mood

You might have noticed that you already do these things in everyday life, when you meet people. Maybe you didn’t know that you were flirting because you didn’t place a specific intention behind the interaction.

I want you to step up your flirt game and ask yourself, what are you truly afraid of? Sending the wrong impression, coming across too obvious or maybe making a fool of yourself? Once you flirt correctly you’ll realize that none of these scenarios are likely, you can be flirtatious and still set boundaries. You can be flirtatious with men and women without embarrassment.

The most important element of flirting is basically saying, “I’m happy, nice to meet you.”

Try it and let me know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “What To Do When You Absolutely Hate Flirting

  1. I definitely agree – some guys come off too strong on women and it would make anyone be more closed off. I know I have gotten rejected a few times by a few girls and even though they gave me their number or were willing to talk to me. I could tell that they weren’t interested in things going much further than that.

    1. I find the best thing to do is to hit on more women, instead of asking for their phone numbers just talk to them, it will give you a better sense of who is being nice and who is disingenuous. There is no rule that you can only talk to women when you want to get their number.

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