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Why Men Enjoy Being Single And Hate “Dating”

A friend of mine brought concept to my attention that I had never thought of. A single man himself he noted that most men enjoy being single but they probably hate dating.

Now this piece of information shocked me because as an avid dater, I believed all men, specifically the ones I dated, enjoyed dating as much as I did. To my friends observation, not so.

The more I thought about this idea, the more it made sense to me.

After speaking with numerous single men, I understand why some men are serial monogamist. You know the type who bounce from from one relationship to another, like a frog to a lily pad. For men, it seems way easier to lock down a woman that you can guarantee you’ll have sex with than to chase unpredictable sex.

We all have that one friend who always seems to have a girlfriend and this is why.

Dating is work.

This isn’t news.

Dating requires planning, thought, dressing up possible and most of the time money. It takes effort, and although relationships are work, a relationship is more likely to yield a reward that just one date. In relationships, a half-ass effort is still better than nothing.

In dating however, it does not reward you for doing things half-assed; in fact it down right punishes you.

Culturally, men are required to put in much more work than women in the beginning of a courtship. Based on this pressure, we’re starting to see the rebellion from men to makes moves. Men are less likely today, than ever, to pursue women.

You might be wondering, how anyone gets into a relationship these day, well the truth is, many people don’t.

I completely sympathize with a man’s unwillingness to just date.

It’s expensive

You don’t know when, if ever, you’ll have sex

You’re expected to initiate the dates

You don’t feel in control

There’s always a chance she might say, “I think we should be friends.”

Television shows like Entourage teach men across the globe, the freedom of being single. The fun that you can have being single is immeasurable, and your happiness hinges solely on your confidence. Feel good about yourself, and the dating world is your oyster.

The alternative is to suffer through the process wondering what the woman you’re dating really wants.

If I were a man, I would hate dating as well.

Men should know the truth; there are three typical reasons a woman will agree to go out with you.

She wants a relationship with you (she already knows it, unless you do something to change her mind)

She wants to have sex with you (she already knows it, unless you do something to change your mind.)

She doesn’t have sh*t else to do (or anyone else to do it with.)

Men have the unfortunate task of trying to determine one intention from another. Which can be incredibly difficult. That’s because to understand a woman’s intentions you must first fundamentally understand women.

If you want to get the most out of dating as a man, I suggest the following.

Stop taking women on dates.

At least formally.

When it comes to getting to know a woman, simply invite her to something that you’re already doing. I hate to admit that women aren’t that tough to impress. But they’re really not. They want to spend time with you, and if you’re not enough then they’re probably not that into you.

While culturally, formal dates have been the way that adults get to know each other, they are no longer necessary.

Times are changing. Dinner, and a movie aren’t dates for single people anymore. They’re a great idea when you’re in a relationship but before you know if you want to get exclusive with a woman, save your coins.

Not only am I a proponent of informal, and free dates, I think it’s time that we were more of ourselves. Invite a potential partner to join you doing something that you enjoy so that she can judge you on your passions and not your resume.

Stop hitting on women.

Stop hitting on women and just talk to them.

In the pick-up world, they call this the direct approach. State your intentions and the woman is either into it or not. Taking the concept a little further, say what you’d like to happen but don’t worry about if it happens or not.

Every interaction doesn’t need to turn into a date.

Speak to women like people, instead of conquests. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to strike up a conversation with a stranger when you have no hidden agendas.

This is exactly what wingmen and women do, they spark conversations without asking anything from the person they’re speaking with. Sure, it’s an ask to hold someone’s attention but you don’t have to put pressure on yourself based on the outcome.

The conversation is the goal, not getting a date. While a conversation can turn into a date, it shouldn’t be the only reason that you speak women.

Stop being nice.

That might sound controversial, or against the gentleman code of conduct but it’s so easy to want to be nice read compliant, instead of just being yourself. Instead of being nice to women, be honest. Be bold. Be attentive, and aware of her needs as well as yours.

Just don’t be nice because it’s safer than going after what you really want.

Don’t buy the drink if you don’t want to. Don’t give the compliment if you don’t want to. Don’t hold yourself to her standards, find your own.

What women hate, is when you hide your agenda behind a veil of niceties. When you are too eager to please, instead of eager to lead.

Don’t think of nice as a badge of honor, and stop being nice when there so many more effective adjectives. I hope this was helpful.

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  2. I don’t understand dating. It takes so much effort, and for what? I don’t get anything out of it. Maybe my mom will stop nagging me about it, but what reward is that? Everyone knows that the sex doesn’t last, and that women are hard to deal with. The woman you marry will more than likely divorce you, take the kids, the house, and force you to pay alimony. Sex is not why men enter long term relationships, they do it because they want support. WE want support, we want a stable life style. We want to be loved, but with the constant attention women desire/need we feel under valued. As if we live only to serve. Sex cannot be the only thing a woman has to offer, we seek companionship. Also side note, we don’t want sluts. Sluts are far more likely to leave at the first sign of boredom. What I want is a nice christian (virgin) girl who wants to raise a family with me (not a double standard in my case). Why do women think being a house wife is such a bad thing? That’s a full time job, why would you leave your kids with a daycare? The daycare will teach your kids their morals and beliefs. You might as well not even have kids if you’re going to let someone else raise them. /rant

  3. It is much easier dating game when you young in high school and college, after you graduate is much harder. Because many single woman are probably still hangout with their EX or had relationship with their boss or coworker. The older they are, they more male friend they would had and more to choose from.

  4. And with so many Career women nowadays that are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and so very money hungry which really speaks for itself why many of us Good men are Single now and will stay Single since the women of today are really to Blame.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I can attest that there are a lot of great people, men and women, who can’t seem to cross paths leaving many of them single. I don’t agree that there is more of a certain kind of woman just as there isn’t more of a certain kind of men. Where I live women accuse men of being too childish or having “Peter Pan” syndrome. While our society has changed, I believe that finding a partner is the work of the individual. It’s as easy or difficult as you expect it to be and surprisingly enough what you expect to find, you usually find. Thank you again for reading and commenting.

      1. Well the women in the past back in the old days were really Quite different than the women that we now have out there today that really do make it very Difficult for many of us Good men that really Should’ve been all settled down by now since the women of today have really Changed for the Worst Of All unfortunately. That is the Real Reason why our Family Members were very Blessed finding Real Love with one another back then since it really did come very Easy for them as you can see. And many of our Family Members are still Amazingly together today as i speak as well. With all these Reality Shows that they now have on TV really has Corrupted many of these women’s mind and Brought out the Evil in them which even the Media has added to the problem too. And i will certainly admit that i really Hate so much being a Single man since Most of my friends are all settled down now since their life is Definitely very much Complete. So it is Not our Fault why many of us men Can’t find Real Love at all today since we No Longer live in the Past when it really did come very Easy at that time. And when we see a woman that we would like to start a Normal Conversation with which she will Curse at us for No Reason at all since this really did happened to me at one time when a friend of mine about a Month after me had the same thing happened to him as well. Just too many very Pathetic Psycho women nowadays unfortunately that do add to our problem since we really have No Reason to Blame ourselves at all. Just born at a very bad time for many of us. Yes, Quite a Change today since the Past.

        1. Thank you so much for your honesty and for sharing your comment. Also, thank you for visiting my page. I have to share just one thing that I truly believe. Nothing can stop you from having what you want in life, as long as you truly believe that you can have it. If I believed statistics, it might tell me that blogging or giving dating advice isn’t a lucrative career or that it’s hard to stand out online. While I know what you experience is true for you, nothing stops you from finding and having love in your life but you. The past has happened and you can’t go back. For most women, the past was a sad and oppressive time and we’re happy that we’re not there. But to your point, you attract what you are. If you’re attracting what you don’t want or women that you don’t like, or think are not for you then you’re probably focusing on that type of woman too much. The first key to success in dating is actually liking the person you want to date. You can make blanket statements about women but it won’t get you any closer to having a healthy relationship with one. My advice is to start with empathy. Where can you show compassion for the women that you’re encountering? I don’t believe in evil but I won’t argue with your point, I’ll just add another perspective. I hope this was helpful.

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