Straight From The Player Handbook- Advice That Every Man Should Learn To Live By

Men think that women hate players but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact what makes a man a player in the first place is his ability to attract women. Its not a bad thing to have the ability to attract a woman but not want a relationship.

I met a man recently who really impressed me with his ability to talk to women. Although it included buying them drinks, no one treated him rudely, gave him the brush off or acted like he was bothering them.
He was nice and interesting so women responded positively. It was clear to me that it wasn’t all just coincidence. He had a game plan and it worked for him.

What women love more than anything is confidence. When a man, who looks like he should be too intimidated to approach a group of women, has the guts to do so plus has something of quality to add to a conversation women are impressed.

I came across a few legendary player proverbs in article on askmen.com that I found very interesting. The article is a good read and offers insight that I think every man could benefit from.


“The really good cookies never jump out of the jar.”

“Good Players are honest about their intentions.”

“Make a woman feel beautiful, and she will always want to be around you.”

“Leave on a high note.”

“Women love a good smile.”

“Hesitation leads to masturbation.”

“Don’t let a loss slow you down.”

“Listen to music while making love.”

“Don’t judge a woman until you know her.”

“Never putting yourself in a position to be rejected means never putting yourself in a position to be successful.”

“Good first impressions lead to better future sessions.”

“The more female friends you have, the more females you’ll meet.”

“A lesson learned keeps you from getting burned.”

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