Is Finding Love On Your List, 25 Resolutions That Will Improve Your Chances

I love New Year’s resolutions. I think there is something so symbolic about ends and beginnings and I love to start anew when everyone in the world is starting with you. When you face the end of a year single it’s typical to look back at the year and think of the good and the bad of what was your dating life. At the end of 2007 I broke up with my gay ex-boyfriend and I vowed as many do, to improve my love life for the better. I actually achieved my goal. I never spent another New Years pining for love. Even this year when no, I don’t have a date, I realize that I have a lot of love in my life. Here are a few tips for improving your love life in 2011, dating can be hard but The Dating can help.

1. Don’t second guess yourself!
2. Revise your “list”
3. Mediate
4. Don’t waste time with anyone who isn’t what you want
5. Volunteer to meet new people
6. Change your Facebook status to “single”- its free advertising
7. Clean house, get rid of old clothes, old attitudes and clutter
8. Give compliments to more strangers and people
9. Go to at least 3 social events a month
10. Take yourself on at least one date a month
11. Join a meet-up group
12. Accept that being single is your choice but not your fault
13. Boost your confidence with positive reinforcements
14. Give at least one person a second chance
15. Ask your friends and family for help
16. Hang out with more single people
17. Stick to your standards no matter what
18. Flirt shamelessly with everyone and anyone
19. Create online dating profiles even if you don’t pay for the service
20. Read and other encouraging advice sites
21. Observe the 5 second rule, when you find someone attractive approach them!!
22. Focus on your happiness in the meantime
23. Leave some people in 2010 (you know who they are)
24. Improve your looks, there is always something that need improving
25. Find a wingman!!

Your dating life is only what you make it. If you aren’t happy with the way things are going it is within your power to change it for the better! Don’t let another year go by wondering when you will find “the one”. Dating can be fun and fulfilling but sometimes it takes work. We can’t all be naturally good at it but everyone deserves to be happy. 2011 can be the time when you find happiness in every aspect of life. Even if you’re single we all deserve to be happy. So good luck and keep reading!
Happy New Year!!

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