3 Easy Steps To Being An Instant Pickup Artist

I wrote a guest post for the site, www.unbreakablemanlaws.com that I’m very excited about. Not only is it my first guest post but it’s the first work I’ve done shedding light on my recent discovery of what it means to be a female pick-up artist. Is that what I am? I’m still not a hundred percent sure.

What I do know is that I am highly successful with men. Traditionally being a PUA is all about technique but I’m going to share a few easy steps that anyone can employ right now to instantly improve their pickup game.

Be Brave

Always remember that you have nothing to lose. It’s a golden rule in dating that many seem to forget. When I talk about dating I focus a lot on meeting strangers. Single men and women must constantly remind themselves, no matter how good looking or how potentially perfect this person might seem they now and have never contributed one ounce of goodness into your life.

If you interact with them and it doesn’t work out, who cares? What matters most is that you made an attempt to connect because you had the confidence to do so. Making the first move reinforces that confidence while wishing you had simply fills you with regret.

The last man I hit on was a disaster.

I watched him all night long dancing with lesser attractive girls and it took the lights to come, and the ugly people to scatter, before I finally made my move. He was very drunk receptive. He kept going on and on about how beautiful I was.

He was dumb as a mutha f*ckin box of rocks and of course the courtship lasted a date and a half. Ok, so he and I were not compatible. I couldn’t let the night end without talking to him because that would mean that I felt intimidated and insecure. Prove to yourself no matter what the outcome that you have guts. I wasn’t sure what to say or if I’d make a fool of myself but I didn’t let myself down.

Compliment, compliment, compliment

I’m constantly accused of going way too overboard on the compliment front but I believe in them. When I approach a guy I tell him that he looks sexy, I tell him he smells good and I let him know I think he’s amazing. You can be direct and say, “I had to say at least hello, because I think you are very attractive.” Or you can try the indirect approach and tell them their shoes are dope. Whichever you decide make it seem genuine. Learn to give compliments with the same breath and tone that you would say hello. Practice every chance you get and you will be warmly received.

Make the interaction brief

Contrary to many PUA techniques, hitting on a girl can be an all night affair. That’s wonderful if you just want them for the night but what is great about dating is getting to know new people. If you want a chance at getting to know this person I suggest you make the interaction brief.

Approach, open, engage then exit.

If you want to connect with them another time during the night, especially if your in a nightclub and you want to dance do so but I recommend no more than 10 minutes of conversation before you get their number and split. It adds a little mystery and its courteous, this person did not come out to hang on your arm all night. Its well respected protocol to keep interactions brief and we all have to get back to our friends eventually.

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