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Get The Relationship That You’ve Always Wanted!

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The Commitment Course gives YOU the power in dating. It’s time to make dating easy and fun again. No more facing rejection, being put in the friendzone, or going on any more bad dates. Imagine sharing your life with someone who loves, and respects you. Imagine dating actually being fun.

I created this course for anyone ready to be irresistible NOW! Your dream relationship is closer than you think, and in just 5 weeks you’ll learn exactly how to bring this kind of love into your life.

In just 5 weeks we’ll transform any feelings of fear and insecurity, into power and unshakeable confidence.

There is nothing about you that has to change.

Being single isn’t about what you weigh, what you earn, how much you know, or how much you have. Love is your right! You deserve to be loved just as you are. In this program I teach you how to fearlessly take action.

These techniques will give you the EXACT results you want. You’ll learn how to feel good about dating, and you’ll never again wonder if someone interested in you, or how to make them stay in your life.

The Commitment Course is my brand new signature course that I’ve designed to help you find love faster than you ever thought possible. It’s a 1 on 1 coaching program that will take you through critical mental, emotional, and behavioral shifts necessary to attract the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Who is the The Commitment Course for?

dating advice for menThe Commitment Course is for single men and women who dream of finding a lasting love. When I created The Dating Truth, 8 years ago, I wanted to create an environment where single men and women could get actionable advice to conquer their biggest challenges in dating. Dating isn’t easy. This coarse is 100% FOR YOU if…

You’re single and you hope to one day meet your ideal partner. Maybe you’ve been single for a while, or you’ve been burned by some bad relationships in the past. But you still believe the real one for you is out there. So much so, that you refuse to settle for anything less than the love that you want.

You’re tired of bad dating advice that tries to mold you into someone you’re not. Absolutely, none of that here! I have a core philosophy when it comes to dating: you don’t have to change who you are, just what you do. Who you are is just perfect, and someone out there is looking for you. Your ideal partner doesn’t want you to change who you, and neither do I.

You’re tired of going on bad dates, lame bars or entering into romantic relationships that don’t lead anywhere. You are ready to meet someone serious, and explore the possibility of having a serious relationship in your life.

You’re ready for a committed relationship this year. You look at the people around you, who have found love and you constantly, ask yourself, “Why him/her?” You believe that now is your time to have lasting love. If it can happen for others, it can definitely happen for you.

You expect to be in a relationship within X weeks/months of joining the course. I created the F.L.I.R.T system to help you find love in record time. The Commitment Course relies on this process, and is meant to guide you into a committed relationship fast.

Most Programs Won’t Teach You This, but Managing Your Emotions is The Key To Success

the dating truth how to make him commit

On the other hand… Who is The Commitment Course NOT for?

You want feel good, hand holding, sentimental guidance to love and dating. This course isn’t that. It’s strategic, and practical, unromantic advice from years of experience.

You’re skeptical about your self-worth. Or, you don’t believe that you deserve love. This course is not for you unfortunately. There’s a HUGE difference between being burnt by love and still hopeful vs. being skeptical about whether there’s anyone out there for you.

You want to be matched with other singles. This course preps you to meet compatible people, and is designed to teach you the self-skills to attract lasting love into your life. Unfortunately, I’m not a matchmaker. Meeting the right person is still up to you.

You’ll never feel like you’re unworthy again. Setting boundaries will come easily. You’ll never feel like the victim. You’ll be positive, cool, calm and in control of your love life, in any situation. This is dating on your terms. First, you get my best processes for getting the relationship that you’ve always wanted. I’ve put my best work into this course. You’ll understand how to find real love in a step-by-step, binary process that takes you from single to attached, through a multi-phase program.

You’ll learn exactly what it takes to go from single to a committed relationship.

(Module 1) Setting goals for what you want.
The secret to getting into a lasting, and loving relationship is to know EXACTLY what it looks, and feels like. Distilling the REAL, essential criteria you want in a future partner and your relationship. You’ll learn where to find quality, compatible dates and why “hunting” for love will leave you burnt out, and what to do instead. Essentially, you’ll learn how to master relationship goal setting, and create effective goal setting strategies, that help you achieve your desires quickly.

(Module 2) Identifying and managing your emotions.
You’ll learn how to uncover emotional baggage, be it from childhood or past experiences, that are keep you single and keep the right people out of your life. You’ll learn how to authentically express emotion to build deep seeded bonds with your dates. You’ll also learn how to manage negative emotions and keep your self-esteem high while going through this process.

(Module 3) Feeling High Value and Keeping a Winner’s mindset.
This is the one step to attracting the most compatible matches for you. The real reason most people attract bad/incompatible people/relationships is because we attract what we believe we deserve. You can break out of any unhealthy thinking patterns for good, and adopt the right mindset for meeting high quality people. You’ll learn how to identify negative self-talk, and damaging beliefs. Instead you’ll learn the right way to talk to yourself about dating and adopt the mindset of highly competent winners.

You’ll learn how to create a high-value mindset and convey that high value to everyone you date.

(Module 4) Become irresistible and more attractive in dating.
No matter how you look, or what you believe is considered attractive, you can become completely irresistible anyone by learning and practicing my 6 pillars of attraction. This course will teach you how to master each of them including: sex appeal, emotional generosity, high energy, awareness, curiosity, and decisiveness. I’ve discovered these to be the most critical traits that create attraction. Each trait specifically allows to you bond with your dates, and makes you someone they’re dying to commitment to.

(Module 5) Getting the commitment that you want.
You’ll learn the exact steps to getting commitment, and loyalty, from the person you’re dating. I share with you the 1 magic question that other people ask before they decide if you’re worth pursuing. You’ll learn how to have relationship defining conversations that get you closer to commitment without looking, or feeling desperate.

Don’t waste time with anyone who isn’t ready for a committed relationship. Sometimes it is them, and not you. You’ll learn how to spot “unavailable”, and commitment phobic partners, so that you don’t waste your time.

You’ll also learn…

how to tell if they're ready for a relationshipHow to actually meet new people vs. passively waiting for “love to come your way,” because the latter can never happen, and it doesn’t work.

How to deepen your connection with anyone, and what you need to do to make your dates miss you when you’re apart.

How to create desire with potential dates, display high value, and build deeper levels of intimacy that make you impossible to live without.

How to have fun in the process.

I believe that the joy is in the journey.
The relationship that you’ve always wanted is just around the corner.

In case it isn’t obvious, here is what you won’t learn…

If it isn’t obvious from my writings here at The Dating Truth, here’s what I WON’T be teaching you in the course:

How to just “Be yourself”.
I won’t ask you to become someone that you’re not.
Ask you to “get out there”, or go places that are out of your comfort zone.
Teach you gimmicks, or pick up lines.
Ask you to lower your standards just to find love.
Ask you to settle for less than you want or deserve.

Here’s what I WILL be doing:

  • I will help you to work through the blocks that are currently keeping the love that you want out of your life.
  • I will teach you how to break through your internal and external patterns that prevent you from finding love.
  • Give you practical, and actionable strategies to implement right away to attract your highest love.
  • Give you action-based, not theory-based, advice to attract the right person.
  • Support you 100% in finding the best relationship!

Now is your time. There is nothing holding you back from finding the love that you deserve, BUT the next step is up to you. When you join this program you’ll develop the skills you need to make dating easier than it’s ever been.

The second guessing and insecurities will disappear.

If you’re ready to transform your life once and for all, now is your chance.

Forget about spending another New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day alone. Imagine the security, and joy of a healthy relationship with the right person. Someone who just gets you.

You can do something today, that will change your life forever.

What exactly do you get when you purchase this course?

Personal 1:1 coaching with Me, Miss Solomon, as your guide to help you get results in your dating life

5 comprehensive modules to help you set goals, define your success metrics, stick to a strategy, meet the right people and most importantly take action.

Shortcuts & swipe files. You’ll get my own personal checklists, scripts, PDFs, as well as audio programs to help you create the best text messages to show your high value and desirability.

Access to exclusive webinars only accessible to course graduates.

100% support from me as you go through this incredible journey. You’ll have instant access to my private Facebook group and open “office hours” to ask me questions and receive feedback.

Course Schedule…
The course will be conducted over 5 weekly sessions, from the moment you enroll. The timing of the course works with your schedule no matter where you are in the world or what time zone you’re in. After you enroll, you will be given a link to create your course calendar. You’ll be able to set a personalized schedule that works for you.

*(Registration is limited)

The Commitment Course is for you if you’re ready for a relationship this year.


How is The Commitment Course different from other one on one coaching programs?

I’ll be completely honest, I follow A LOT of popular dating experts, and coaches, and I’ve never seen anything like The Commitment Course. This program is designed to put the results completely in your hands. You don’t have to feel at the mercy of what other people want, and that to me, that is the biggest difference.

I created this course to be results based, so that every action you take on will lead to measurable results.

Secondly, I see most dating and relationship courses out there, as classified into two categories: One is rigidly based on actions that leave little room for personalization. They work for a certain “type” of person. If you can take on board every action then you see results, if you’re unable for whatever reason, to follow to program exactly, it doesn’t work.

These programs are popular, and that’s cool, but the what if the activities are too far outside of your comfort zone? Just like any diet, if you’re unable to make modifications that match your personality, and lifestyle, the program won’t work for you.

The second type of dating courses is the generic course that promise to have your dates begging to see you again. The kind of program that is filled with clichés but not actionable items that can help you change your dating patterns in a lasting way.

The Commitment Course isn’t technique. It also isn’t about how to get into any relationship, and attract truckloads of people. You’ll find that while attracting a ton of guys or girls may give you an ego boost, most of the time these connections are extraneous and will simply become noise. You’ll also find it overwhelming. You don’t need to attract a ton of people — what you really need is to attract the right people for you.

You only need to attract the partners that can appreciate what you offer as a person.
The Commitment Course is about YOU, what YOU want in your ideal mate. It’s about a process that gives you tools you need to change the way you engage in ALL your relationships. Permanently.

This course is designed to teach you the self-skills and required shifts to attract your ideal mate into your life, faster than you ever thought possible.

What if I want a relationship by the end of this course?

It’s likely that you want a relationship, and you’ve wanted one for a really long time. Not because you’re lonely or desperate but because you truly want love in your life.

The Commitment course is designed to get you into a committed relationship by the end of the 5-weeks. These are the results others have seen, and this is the EXACT result this course is designed for.

Do you believe there’s someone out there for me?

Absolutely! I believe there is a lid for every pot, so to speak. I also believe that the person, or people, that you’re hoping to meet are also actively working to find you. The right person for you is searching as hard for you, as you are for them.

There is someone out there that wants a partner just like you. The real questions are, “Where is he/she?” And “How do can I attract him/her into my life?” This will be what we’ll be working through together in this course.

Is there an age limit for this course?

This course is based on universal principles to find your ideal love. Love has no time limit and can enter your life whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. I work with clients of all ages, races, male and female. This course is for anyone ready and willing to invest n finding lasting love.

What is the format of the course?

It will be a one on one coaching program. You’ll need access to a telephone or computer. Sessions can be conducted over phone, or Skype.

BONUS: Unlimited email support during the live course (Worth: $179 USD)

Make the investment to work with me and get the love that you deserve!

I teach smart singles, like you, how to attract the love they deserve and get lasting commitment in record time. Born in Guyana, South America and raised in Pittsburgh, Miss Solomon is a dynamic, and creative entrepreneur dedicated to helping singles boost their confidence and find love.

As an award-winning blogging and founder of Miss Solomon has spent the last 9 years writing hundreds of articles about dating, love, and relationships for single men and women. She’s also the creator of The F.L.I.R.T Lounge, a revolutionary program designed to help anyone find love in record time. The Dating Truth currently, attracts 70k readers a month and over 1 million readers worldwide to date.

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