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How To Keep Your Date Interested In The Conversation

When we meet strangers, in any setting, we’re burdened with the task of keeping them interested. Maintaining the interest of a potential date can be a difficult duty. One important element of any interaction is setting yourself apart. Being interesting and better yet unforgettable is a challenging but possible act. How can you set yourself apart? In my view, asking…

6 Simple Steps To Masterful Flirting

If flirting were cheating I’d be Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love to flirt. It’s my favorite form of communication and I rarely limit who is at the mercy of my special formula of smile, hair toss, wink and repeat. I was once asked if there is such a thing as excessive flirting? In my opinion, no. If it’s excessive or your…

How To Create A Successful Enviroment For Dating

Do you wish you could meet more appealing singles who were not only attractive but intriguing as well? When we think of single life, the fabulous ones, we imagine big cities and bright lights. Everyone is good-looking and at anytime you can lock eyes with a beautiful stranger, stumble into the quaintest coffee shop and fall in and out of…


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