How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think

I often here single people say, “I don’t care what people think.” It sounds like a confident statement but is it true? Let’s face it being judged sucks. We don’t want others to get a false perception of us and we want to be liked more often than not.

When you have confidence in who you are and you come from a positive place, it’s likely that you do care what others think but even more likely that people don’t think anything of you at all.

Here are a few ways not to care what people think about you and actually mean it.

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How To Get Anyone To Date You Without Selling Your Soul

The easiest way to get what you want is to be absolutely clear about what that is. A lot of single adults have moments of desperation.

We all go through the stages of loneliness and unfortunately this process clouds the image of what we’re looking for when it comes to love.

The truth is, you can date anybody. No really, you can. You have the power to attract any human being in the world that you will ever meet. You already use this power you just don’t realize it.

Despite that we can use energy to attract any person our hearts desire let’s not lead ourselves to believe that said person will be who you think they are. Or that you will be happy once you attract them but never question that you can attract and date them. You can. You can date anyone you make your mind up to date.

The point I try to drive home to all singles is that you are in complete control. It might not feel like it because you may have faced rejections in the past but the truth is the truth. When it comes to dating, you are in control. Your love life is up to you.

I find that it is much easier to replace a negative concept with a positive concept than to try to figure out the source of the negativity and unlearn it. Who cares why up until now you felt like a victim? Who cares why up until now you dated losers who walked all over you, cheaters and users? Who cares why up until you’ve never had a serious relationship?

All you need to know is that you can date anyone you want to date. You have the power to attract and date the person that you choose. Even better news than that, they will want to date you too!

How you ask? Well of course I’m going to tell you.

Step 1.

Want. When you finally decide who you want and who you are looking for it is crucial that you have complete confidence that you will get them. You have to want, knowing that what you want will come. It’s like wanting a job that you’ve interviewed for. Many times when we want something it is because we are close to getting it and have allowed ourselves to feel confident in wanting it. Regardless who it is that you want, commit to that want.

The worst thing you can do, and singles do it all the time, is say that you don’t want something or someone because you fear you won’t get it.

Step 2.

Offer. I recently read ‘Think and Grow Rich 365” it’s a calendar version of the famed best seller. In the beginning of the book it asks you to create a statement for the money that you desire. After asking for the amount the book prompts you to write what you plan to give in return for this money.

In dating this is the part where many single men and women fail. They want the guy with money and the beautiful women but what are they willing to give? More than that, what are they willing to give to this person that they can’t get from someone else?

When you want someone whom you have never met it is essential that you know exactly what you plan to offer. It’s like getting a puppy. You know the joys of owning a pet but you also plan to offer this animal a good home with lots of love.

You have to build yourself up to the magnificent powerhouse that you were meant to be. You have to be extraordinary. You have to commit yourself to wanting to give this person love, excitement, support, great sex, blow jobs or diamonds, whatever the case may be.

Instead of looking forward to the way this person is going to treat you, make a plan for the amazing way you plan to treat them. If what you offer is kick ass, of course they are going to want to date you.

Step 3.

Position. Now we can all wish, plot and plan but to meet the person you wish, you have to be where that person is. If you have confidence that you will attract them and you have made a statement of what you intend to offer them, the next step is the easiest, meeting them.

Once I set my mind on dating a certain pro quarterback. I didn’t worry about how he was going to come into my life. I made the decision that I wanted to meet him and let the universe do the rest. When he was acquired by the local football franchise, I knew it was only a matter of time before he and I got it on and popping.

I didn’t make my way to the airport or stalk his apartment building I centered my energy on being where a man of his status might be. I could’ve been anywhere in the bar but I made sure I was in his eye line and the rest is how they say, A long ass story, that’s mostly boring “history.”

When you position yourself, it means not only making a physical presence but also aligning yourself with people in similar circles. I was invited to events that pro-athletes attended. If you want to meet a lawyer, doctor, pharmacists you only need to align yourself with their organizations.

I recommend all singles not to rely on chance but on faith. When you believe that you were meant for the person you desire you will be met with little opposition. The mistake you can’t make is thinking this person will be awesome, thinking this person will be kind and thinking you can get something for nothing.

Just be warned: The person you want might be more trouble than they’re worth, trust me the men I date find that one out the hard way.

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Why Being Awesome Gets You More Dates Than Being Regular Ass

Are You Good Enough To Attract True Love?

You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny.  The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.  ~Irene C. Kassorla

If you let yourself get caught up in what society wants you to believe about dating, you will never be happy being single. The numbers game and the statistics are frightening but your everyday life experience should be your final barometer for success or failure.

Do people like you? Do people find you attractive? Are you attracting the right people?

These are not questions that the latest poll or blog post can answer for you. You know the effects but you may not know the cause.

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Does Your Milkshake Bring All The Boys To The Yard?

dating advice should you call

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like it’s better than yours. Damn right it’s better than yours I can teach you but I’d have to charge. – Kelis

Do you ever wonder how some women have a natural ability to meet men?

It seems like no matter where they go, everyone has that one girl friend, that as soon as you turn around she’s talking to a new guy.

When it comes to attracting men there is a simple formula; you must have the right energy and the right attitude.
You could consider your ‘milkshake’, your inner confidence. When you project a secure, positive and welcoming vibe, men will naturally be attracted to you.

Women who are confident and have a good energy are the types of women who are meeting men in grocery stores, gyms, gas stations basically where ever they go.

In this highly competitive market isn’t it a better idea to have the men come to you?

If you aren’t having the kind of success you’ve been dreaming about, the problem is within you. The good news is so is the solution. You are in full control of making a change.

If you aren’t bringing all the boys to your yard, here is what could be wrong with your shake.

It’s the wrong flavor.
I understand that human beings naturally want what they can’t have but it’s hard to attract men who aren’t interested in you. I’ve warned singles against chasing after a “type” because sometimes what we want just isn’t into us. That is ok. You cannot force attraction. If you’ve been waiting for a guy who isn’t right for you newsflash he isn’t coming. You might ask, “Well how do I know he’s wrong for me until I get to know him?” The answer is; if he isn’t giving you the opportunity to get to know him he’s not for you and you’re not for him. The end.

It’s made with sour milk.
You have a bad attitude. Stank, foul, funky however you want to put it you are sending out a message of negativity and it tells men to stay away. Good, kind men will only approach women who seem safe to talk to. Not those who look like they have an ATTITUDE.

It taste like every other shake. If men aren’t flocking to you it’s because they can’t find you. You don’t stand out enough from other women. It shouldn’t be difficult for any human being to be unique, just be you! The advantage we all have in life is that there is only one of us, (for some of you, thank God). If you aren’t sending out vibes that you’re unique, special, wonderfully different from every other woman out there then you aren’t expressing your true self.
When you’re single the best chance you have at meeting quality dates is largely based on that gut feeling that tells a man, “Talk to her, say something.”

The ability to encourage those thoughts is what truly makes the difference and good energy is that element which will always bring all the boys to any yard but mostly yours.

Did I miss something? Leave your comment below.

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