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“I Knew It” Why We Date People We Know We Shouldn’t Be Dating

Have you ever been on a date with someone and it went horribly wrong? You didn’t have a good time and at the end of the date you thought, “I knew it.” We all make mistakes in dating and we

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The 10 Types Of Men A Woman Should Never Ever Date… Ever!

There are easier things in life than trying to find a nice guy…like nailing jelly to a tree for example Recently my self-proclaimed mentor Paul Carrick Brunson, blessed with an insightful article titled “10 Underrated Men & Why You

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Your Ultimate Guide To A Summer Relationship part 1

Spring is in the air and for many singles who’ve spent a long lonely winter looking for love, it’s a blessing. If you have told yourself that you’re ready for a relationship, I’m here to help you get one. Finding

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Don’t Be A Fool- Why Women Should Never Split The Check

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition – Timothy Leary When was the last time you paid for a date? This week I was reading one of my favorite dating advice blogs, He listed an interesting

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Is Sex On The First Date Ever A Good Idea? Or An Act Of Desperation?

I don’t have a lot of sex. Never has it ever been a dilemma in my life whether or not to have sex on the first date. In my mind, if you have sex with a stranger the very first

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