Online dating is the fastest way to get the relationship you deserve.

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What would it mean to have that deep belly laugh with the person that just gets you?

What would it mean to spend cold nights on the couch, wrapped in the arms of the person who loves you?

What you give to have someone in your life that thinks the world of you, and when you least expect it says, “I love you.”

Online dating has lead to over 400 daily marriages and given single men and women the opportunity they’ve always wanted to meet the person that’s right for them.

Now could be the time for it to work for you.

For last 7 years I’ve taught single men and women how to lower their resistance to love and find their dream partner online.

Let’s work together to make love a reality for you. When we work together, we can change your love life, and get you awesome dates with some amazing people. Even help you find the one.

I’m Miss Solomon, the founder of The Dating Truth, and your online dating personal trainer. There is no manual for online dating. And most people admit that they just got “lucky” when they met their partner. I help you take the luck, and guessing out of finding love online by teaching you the tools you need for success.

    • I assess your current profile and make adjustments to your photo selection, personal bio and set you up for online dating success.

    • I teach you how to choose high quality matches and read between the lines of profiles to avoid scams and fake accounts.

    • I teach everything from how to set up a profile, connect with matches, open the conversation, take the communication offline and finally go on your first date.

Together, we not only tell your story but you create a new one filled with love, acceptance and excitement. Together we create a profile guaranteed to get you more dates and increase your chances of finding the relationship that you deserve.

Want to learn more about fast profile assessments? Contact me for a discovery session. Ready for the relationship you deserve, you can start today.

Stop Making Excuses And Make Yourself Irresistible!

Online dating is becoming the easiest and fastest way to find love in today’s modern world. What would your life look like if you had the natural ability to attract your dream man or dream woman online? With the millions of singles who use online dating your perfect match is literally at your finger tips. I can help you take your online presence to the next level. With a quick assessment and expert evaluation your profile will attract your ideal dates and make you irresistible online. If you’re serious about dominating your dating life this will be the best investment you’ve ever made and introduce you to the love of your life. Close your eyes and imagine having the relationship you’ve always wanted.  One-in-five online daters has someone else help them with their profile. I am here to help you with yours. 

What to expect from coaching…

You can expect flexibility within your sessions as well as confidentiality and support. Together, I help you to create an enjoyable experience. Online dating success starts with choosing the website or app that best suits your needs. The perfect profile includes attractive photos, a sleek bio and the right energy to attract your ideal match. Let’s take your online connections offline. Exchange numbers easily and plan your first date quickly.Master the techniques that give you power and control in dating. This process works quickly and produces massive results in just one session.

Not sure if this program will work for you?

Over the last six years my website has reached tens of thousands of readers who, like you, are looking for answers in this complicated dating world. The same old advice just doesn’t work any more because let’s face it; times have changed. As a dating coach I teach clients effective strategies that help them dominate their love lives. This isn’t therapy or feel good, self-love advice. My coaching is specifically designed to help you understand the opposite sex, create lasting desire and avoid the critical mistakes that keep you powerless and single.

If you aren’t sure this is right for you, schedule a discovery consultation with me and we’ll figure it out together! I’m here for you as your personal dating success coach. There isn’t a challenge or problem that together we can’t overcome. Now is the time to jumpstart your confidence, and gain the power in dating that you deserve.


I want to start dating online, I’m ready to purchase my session.

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Online dating isn’t always easy. That’s why I’m here to help you become more irresistible online so you can attract amazing dates and get the relationship that you deserve. When you want to reach a higher level of success most people higher a coach, or skilled expert, to take to the next level.

Consider me your profile personal trainer, together we tell your story and I teach you the tricks of the trade to makes your profile stand out and attract the ideal person for you. I can’t wait to work with you one on one book your session here.