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It’s time to end your frustrations with dating, and get a plan that ACTUALLY works for you. You should be sharing your life, and creating a future with someone special. Why spend another moment single, when the solutions are right at your fingertips. When we work together, I will teach you how to LET GO of what you’re doing now that ISN’T WORKING and teach you how to start taking action that will finally get you the relationship that you’ve always wanted.

You don’t need any more self-help books, another sappy article, or even the latest dating product. My job is to show you HOW to get change your life but not yourself. I’ll teach you — just like I’ve helped dozens of others — how to create an effective dating strategy. Together we’ll design customized plan to help you meet high-quality people, show high value (even when you’re not confident), and build lasting attraction that leads to commitment.

You’ll learn how to attract the person of your dreams from scratch. Even when you have limited experience, or no prospects.
All around you, there are people in relationships who seem to enjoy dating, and you probably wonder, how can that happen for you?
If your ready to start meeting more people, dating for the long-term and meeting the person you’ll eventually marry, then program teaches you how…

You’ll learn exactly what it takes to go from single to a committed

Close your eyes and imagine having the relationship you’ve always wanted.  Select a program that best suites your needs. 

What to expect from working with me…

You can expect flexibility within your sessions as well as confidentiality and support.

Together, I’ll help you create an enjoyable dating experience. You’ll learn how to make dating fun and easy. You’ll learn what really makes love last and most importantly, and you’ll learn how to have confidence in yourself like never before! I give you practical, and actionable strategies to implement right away to attract your highest love.

I’ll also give you action-based, not theory-based, advice to attract the right person. You can expect 100% support in finding the best relationship! There is nothing holding you back from finding the love that you deserve, BUT the next step is up to you. When we work together you can expect to develop the skills you need to make dating easier than it’s ever been.

Not sure if this program will work for you?

Over the last six years my website has reached tens of thousands of readers who, like you, are looking for answers in this complicated dating world.

The same old advice just doesn’t work any more because let’s face it; times have changed.

As a dating coach I teach clients effective strategies that help them dominate their love lives. This isn’t therapy or feel good, self-love advice. My coaching is specifically designed to help you understand the opposite sex, create lasting desire and avoid the critical mistakes that keep you powerless and single.

If you aren’t sure what package will work for you schedule a discovery consultation with me and we’ll figure it out together! I’m here for you as your personal dating success coach. There isn’t a challenge or problem that together we can’t overcome. Now is the time to jumpstart your confidence, and gain the power in dating that you deserve.


2 thoughts on “WORK WITH ME…

  1. Hey Miss.Solomon!
    My name is Lola, recently I have been investing time and companionship into a young man who also was doing the same for me. We began have great deep conversations about life and about our spiritual lives, seeing as we are spiritually active. This young man…is everything that I look for. He believes the same things as me, he is sweet, loyal, smart, kind, funny, compassionate, gentle, goofy, handsome, and even sexy…things began getting complicated when I sat him down to let him know how I was feeling after two months…he responded in utter confusion and wasn’t sure if he wanted to date because he has never dated before…turns out he had other things he was struggling to overcome…so I decided to be patient, as time progressed we became closer…he began hugging me and he opens up to me so I did as well. We continued have discussions about dating and he kept saying he just didn’t know, that he thought he would be bad at it..that maybe he was supposed to be single for life! I corrected him in saying that, because quite honestly, we will never truly know what Gods plan is for us. He eventually agreed…he actually called me and said he wanted to meet with my Dad and begin dating, he told me I was everything he looked for and that I was very pretty. He said he finally understood why people enter relationships. Two weeks later after a trip to a convention, he came back and said he was thinking he was confused again…the bottom line is that this entire time he has been confused, but still spending significant amounts of time with me and investing time into our companionship…so he came over last Monday and I asked him straight up what he wanted…and he said he liked me but that he didn’t want to date. So I said “well that was all you had to say!” So we just hung out..and as the night went on, we sat at the piano and played any and all the songs we could. I played the one song I knew “say something” and he just listened..he turned and looked at me, “what happens if you give up on me Lola?” I looked at him and said “you just said you do not want to date..” and he said “what if we go to college together next year and you meet someone else and begin dating them, and I begin to realize I am finally ready to date?” I said “well always wanted tell me how you feel..I will always listen!” So he got upset and his mood changed till we began watching hilarious YouTube videos on the sofa..before he left he said he was anxious to leave because he didn’t want me to overthink everything..and that he wasn’t sure if what he had said earlier and not dating was the right thing to say. “Can we still say I’m confused?” He asked. “Fine..” I replied. Last night, I called him to tell him I would be taking a step back from such a deep friendship with him until he untangled his mind…because day after day, my heart continues to fall so hard for him. I have grown to love this man Miss.Solomon…he told me that he didn’t want to date…but that I held the most real estate in his heart, that I am his bestest friend and he cars about me more then I will ever truly know. He has no reason to not date, he just says no…he says now that he finds some girls more attractive than me and that it would be wrong for him to date me if that is how he feels…that was rather hurtful to be frank. I need help, I will his friend, but I know that when things change for us…like the level of communication and the hanging out together that he will see just how much he depends on me for everything. It wrenches my heart to back up, I have known him since 8th grade…but I don’t want to break my own heart. Help me!!!!

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