Why They Aren’t Texting You And What To Do About It

haven't gotten a text back


We can all agree that it’s critical to the success of a relationship but so few of us know how to do it effectively.

In today’s world many singles rely on texting instead of calling to communicate with the person they’re dating. With so many ways we can reach out and touch someone, its amazing how much stock we place on a mere text.

It’s important to ALL of us to hear from the person we’re dating.

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Is Texting Is A Sure Sign You’re Playing Games?

“Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do”- Patricia Fripp

Everyone is obsessed with the lengths texting has taken dating in the last few years.

It’s become a standard form of communication for many singles who are just too lazy, scared or immature to pick up the f*cking phone and use it for what it’s for, making calls.

I know first hand how helpful the advancement of smart phones have been to single men and women.

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Appropriate Phone Etiquette For Being Blown Off

A friend of mine calls my phonebook the pet cemetery. When I think I am absolutely done with a man, I delete his number and I move on. Months, sometimes years will pass and this man starts calling me again. I have a repeated history of not being able to get men out of my life. Le sigh.

I think we all know the universal signs of being blown off and I execute all of them very proficiently.

When single men and women can’t get the signs through their heads they send the message they’re desperate. The biggest mistake single men and women make is appearing to be ‘unwanted’ and ‘undesirable’.

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