3 Reasons Your Last Date Failed

Very few people are good daters. When I was in my 20s and averaging about 3 dates a week, I spent most of the time choosing bars, restaurants, or a movie.  Even though I was going out with different men, I found myself engaging in the same activities.

5 Reasons Your Last Date Failed

When you’re single, the one question that you can’t help but ask yourself is ‘what went wrong?’ Everyone wants to know why things don’t work out between someone we think is perfect. Was it something you did, said, or were they seeing someone else. You can’t help but wonder was it you? Or them? When I started this blog my…

Everything You Need To Know About A Great First Date

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do they like me?” or “Will I see them again?” after a first date? Assuming that you were slightly interested in the romantic possibilities with this person when you planned the date, afterwards you might have many questions running through your mind. Doubts really; about how they felt about you and the date overall. These…

5 habits that chase men away

5 Bad Habits That Chase Men Away

“Strangers are friends you have yet to meet” Has this ever happened to you… you meet a guy that you like, and you have a great conversation. You’re flirting laughing and seemingly having a great time. You’re sure he’s going to ask for your number and you can’t wait until your first date. The perfect scenario is playing out in…