3 Reasons You Haven’t Attracted The Right Person


You could be in a relationship by the end of this week.

I’m not joking. One reason you aren’t in one is because you haven’t met the right person. First, let’s get clear on who the right person is.

The right person is someone who wants what you want, and accepts you as you are. (and you them)

Now if you meet a great person who isn’t interested in dating you then they are not the right person for you. They could be, but as it stands, they’re not.

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The Best Places To Meet Someone

Studies have shown that when you meet someone new their mood affects how they feel about you.

This is why it’s incredibly important to meet potential dates in environments that are positive and stimulating. In this video I give you suggestions on where to meet the right people and when.

You want to avoid approaching potential dates in places where their emotional state can be negatively altered. Sometimes when we face rejection it’s because we are in a negative environment. If you were to have that same exchange in a grocery store or at a farmer’s market where the environment is more uplifting you would get a different response.


Anywhere someone is engaged in physical activity is a great place to make an introduction. Exercise releases endorphins, which elevate our mood. This person will be feeling great and associate their positive feelings with you.


Shopping makes people feel good because it’s time spent on ourselves. Its often a way we reward ourselves for making enough money to buy nice things. When you approach a potential date when they’re shopping they’ll be in a great mood and more receptive to your advances.

Meeting potential dates is best done in places where the stimulants are positive. Anywhere people go expecting to enjoy themselves is where you should intend on meeting the right person for you. Fairs, festivals, concerts, parks, gyms, wine tastings, etc. are just a few examples of positive environments conducive to dating.

I hope this was helpful.

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Where To Meet More Men And Women

When single men and women tell me the type of person they want to meet I tell them exactly where that person will be.

How do I know this? Because I know people better than anyone I’ve ever met.

If you want to meet an independent woman who isn’t going to want all of your money and use you like an ATM go to the mall. Because women with their own money, spend it.

If you want to meet a man with a great job, don’t go to the bar at 10pm. Men with careers are usually in bed by then preparing for their early day. You’re more likely to meet a well-employed man at the airport than a nightclub.

If you want to meet high quality singles that will appreciate you, take care of your needs and make you happier than you’ve ever been, then you have to start living a high value existence.

Add richer experiences to your everyday life.

Simply take your mundane activities and kick them up a notch.

Instead of shopping at your local grocery store, try attending a cooking demonstration at Trader Joes or Whole Foods. Explore your local farmers markets or public market. Starbucks, Coffee Tree Roasters and local coffee shops are expensive but still great places to read, work and meet new people. Sure, McDonald’s has cheaper coffee but will you be taking your dates there?

I have a theory that you don’t meet the right people you attract them. Start now, by doing the things you plan on doing in this wonderful relationship I know you can have.

Do you see yourself going to bars and clubs when you’re dating someone? Or would you rather try bowling, art museums or picnics in the park?

Don’t wait until you’re in a relationship to start experiencing a full and enriched life. Create a life that someone else would be dying to share with you.

The best places to meet the highest quality people and possibly the “one” are places that make your life better and more interesting.

  • Join a run club instead of a gym.
  • Shop at Galleria’s instead of the mall.
  • Go to live concerts instead of the movies.
  • Volunteer on the weekends when you have spare time instead of sitting on your couch.
  • Attend a fundraiser instead of spending your money at expensive bars and restaurants.
  • Join organizations that make a difference or have a global impact.

Any new hobby, activity or association you partake in will open your social circle to new people. You will be amazed by how many more people you meet just by doing something you usually don’t do.

I hope this was helpful.

miss solomon

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How Meaningful Conversations Help You Meet More People

No matter what you believe about dating and being single, you must understand this simple truth. If people don’t like you, they won’t date you.

How can anyone like you if they won’t take the time to get to know you? Most single people remain single because they’re not good at conversation. Conversations are what begin any interaction. They are your gateway to more dates.

When you can hold an interesting conversation you create connections with people, they like you and want to date you. Your conversation is the reason that strangers pursue getting to know you.

Without the ability to hold stimulating conversation dating can be awkward.

Think about the last great conversation you had with a stranger or potential date. What did you talk about? What was the tone? Who initiated it? Conversations are something that will happen once you go on a date so its best to practice as often as possible and the good news is, you can practice anywhere.

Keep in mind the goal of the conversation is to appear attractive to the person that you’re talking to.

You don’t necessarily have to feel confident or in total control but you can employ the following tips to help the interaction go smoothly.

Limit your talking.

When I’m nervous I can talk a lot! When I’m excited I talk a lot! It doesn’t take much encouragement for 10,000 words to pour out of my mouth. So I had to check myself.

When you engage in conversation, listen. Speak then pause. Once the other person has finished speaking, pause. Don’t pounce on the open space like a cat on a mouse. Be patient when speaking, even if it seems the other person is in a hurry.

Speak positively.

I can’t tell you how many people are completely unaware of how negative they actually are. Everything out of their mouth is a wine, or complaint. What you hate and why you hate it can be pacifying topics but it doesn’t always make the other person feel positive about you.

The only way to ensure that you’ll be liked is if you speak positively and with an upbeat demeanor. Express happiness and content and those feelings with be attributed to you.

Be genuine.

Most people believe that they’re being genuine when they’re using another person for companionship. Conversation is such an interesting tool because when you are lonely it’s your connection to the world. And many people spark conversation because they are lonely and they are using others to fill a need or void.

These types of interactions are draining and unappealing. Create a comfortable space for the conversation to grow organically. If you have to force dialogue move on.

More so, if the other person isn’t into the conversation and you don’t notice, then you’re not being genuine. If you cared about them you would make the dealings more mutually enjoyable.

When you begin your day, open up to the world. Allow yourself to speak to others and for others to engage you. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, the airport or a local Subway restaurant, don’t shrink into the background.

That’s what you do when you don’t want dates, or to find love.


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