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  1. Ok I like this girl and we have been friends for a long time like 3 years and we face time ALOT and she laughs at everything I say and always talks about new clothes and her new hair and I was wondering to now if those are signs and she is also really popular so she kinda says my name then walks away and looks at me when she talks do u think she likes me and what is a cute private way to ask her out

    Sincerely ,

    1. The best approach to winning over a woman that you know is to be romantic and bold. Women have great instinct and she probably has figured out that you might have interest in her and your window of opportunity quickly closes as she realizes that you’re too afraid to do anything about it. Let her know that no matter the outcome you’ll be her friend and things won’t change if she doesn’t feel the same. Don’t hold on to expectation. Express your feelings confidently and be proud of yourself that you didn’t let fear stand in your way.

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