Stop Asking Do You Have A (Girl)/Boyfriend?

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What you should be asking instead.

When we meet potential dates for the first time it’s important that we ask the right questions. In this video I share two important questions that make you more interesting to the opposite sex and gets you the info you want to know.

First, you should decide what critical information you need to know about a perspective date. Facts like, are they single, have they been married, do they smoke, have children or engage in illegal activity.

It isn’t always easy to be upfront with our questioning. Sometimes we’re just too nervous to set the conversation in the right direction but how else qualify potential dates.

The key is to lower their guard.

Ask- “What’s your passion?”

I’m constantly working with women who want a man with a career yet most successful men are hesitant to come right out and say what they do. Also, that question is boring. Anyone who isn’t comfortable with their status at work might be intimidated when you ask about it. To circumvent all ill feelings about our jobs just ask what they’re passionate about.

Speaking about our passions feels good.

It creates a reaction and we become excited and engaged. By asking someone to tell you their passion you’re sharing in their positive energy. It will tell you what you want to know and lighten the mood of the conversation.

Ask- “Are you seeing anyone.”

A woman who is only dating a guy she hopes will be her boyfriend is technically available but probably not interested. Asking if someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend straight out is an invitation to get lied to. They don’t have to be in a defined relationship to be off the market. If they’re seeing someone use the opportunity to ask their advice on meeting new people.

Share your dating frustrations with them in a light-hearted way and they will feel less apprehensive and more inviting.

Decide what you want to know and think of the most creative ways to get the answer.

I hope this was helpful.

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