How To Have Power In Dating

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How would you like to be powerful?

If you don’t know the rules of dating you probably think that having the power is a bad thing. This is why most men and women give their power away so quickly. It’s scary to be powerful. It’s intimidating. To some singles having power is a negative trait.

We’re accustomed to those who have power using it in a negative way.

Even when the opportunity arises for some to have power in their relationships, they shy away from it.

Power:  (1) ability to act or produce an effect

My favorite definition of power is simple and to the point. It isn’t negative or overwhelming. What you should understand about the word power is that someone in the relationship will have it. Why shouldn’t it be you?

The first key to having power is by claiming that you want it. I want you to know that you do already have it but it’s you who give it away.

You have power! You are powerful!

If you choose to accept this fact you can begin to change the way that you date. If you ignore this fact, you will date from a position of weakness.

Both parties in a relationship or courtship have power but power doesn’t mean that you make others do what you want.

Like the definition states, it’s the ability to act or produce an effect.

If you want to maintain power in your love life you must institute the following as law.

  • Set boundaries
  • Attract the right people
  • Exercise emotional discipline
  • Exercise self-control
  • Be patient

This might seem like a basic list of typical behavior but most single men and women enforce the opposite. They refuse to set boundaries because they’re afraid to tell the other person “No”. They believe that if they did set boundaries they would be rejected so they accept behavior that they don’t like.

Single men and women often attract the wrong people and their inability to know the difference keeps them feeling weak. They believe they have met the right person but before long its revealed they’re with the wrong person. Instead of quickly rectifying the situation most singles just forfeit their power and let the wrong person precede into their life for fear of being alone.

The powerless is quick to react emotionally. We were trained as children that tantrums get attention so the weaker party is constantly throwing emotional fits for the other person’s attention. This leaves most singles feeling embarrassed and even more powerless.

Without self-control you can have no power. Who could you influence if not yourself? Who would listen to you if you ignore your own instructions. The practice of power on yourself is proof not only that you have it but that you want it. If you fail to yield power over your own life then you will feel it impossible to do so over someone else’s. You will follow the guidance of someone else and go against your own will, to do theirs.

‘ A gentleman is just a patient wolf’. If you’ve heard this saying then you know that it means patience is the key to success. Wait patiently in dating and you will have the power. Slow and steady wins the race once the goal is in mind. Know where you would like to take the relationship and be patient as your plans unfold.

Many singles want to rush a relationship because they are lonely. They are more eager to have certainty than they are to have a partner. If you rush your relationship you are acting desperately and the desperate are rarely powerful.

Without comprehensive knowledge of the aforementioned you will continue to make the same mistakes in dating and yield the same poor results. You will continue to feel and act like a victim or a person at mercy to their circumstances unless you accept your strengths.

In my forthcoming series, ‘A Position Of Power, Creating the love life you deserve’, I’m going to teach singles how to find their own power so they’re able to take control of their love life.

I want you to redefine power in your own life. Recognize where you have sole control of yourself, your life and your outcomes. Commit to living from a position of power and strength. Soon I will share the secrets to dating from a position of power. I’m excited to share this news with you.

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I hope this was helpful.

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