How To Write an Awesome Online Profile


Dating in the real word isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

From grade school to college it’s been ridiculously easy to meet new people but somehow in the adult world it requires the same skill and talent as an Olympic sport.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You want to date. You want to have potentials. You’ve already somewhat given up on mankind but online dating might be just what you need to restore your faith.

Whether you’re paying your something 99 to popular sites or trying your hand at free options there’s a secret to successful online dating that will change the way you meet people on the web.

If you’re single and ready to meet amazing people then I want to empower with the right tools. There are tactics for attracting high quality dates online that very few singles know how to employ.


And add a f*cking exclamation point!

If you set out wanting to meet a great guy or girl, then you’ve already placed yourself in the failure category. Awesome people get recognized. You want an awesome person with amazing qualities to read about you and respond.

Those who date online are SICK of average!

Anyone who just wants a great guy/girl is lazy and unspecific and most times boring. (You can find that at your nearest church bingo.)

You want to attract dates that are sexy, funny, intelligent, kind, well-mannered and interesting right? Well you should. Because you’re online and essentially creating your perfect partner from scratch, why not target precise people.

Use words like awesome, epic, amazing, fantastic, outstanding etc, to set yourself apart from the status quo. Tell your reader, future potential dates, that YOU are the sh*t. You profile won’t read like anyone else’s and that’s incredible!


General profiles translate to insecure. Everyone has preferences. When you’re asked about yourself online it’s really an attempt to understand who you are by sharing what you like.

If you like everything are up for anything and care about something’s you will attract NO ONE!

Don’t be afraid of excluding those who aren’t into what you’re into. It doesn’t hurt to weed out riff raff.


The moment you post a picture that doesn’t accurately represent what you look like today you’re sending a message that you’re insecure about your looks. You’re not that lame are you?

Yes, some people are lazy and only want to respond to the cutest picture they see. You don’t want to date those people. You want a profile that screams INTERESTING making the picture just a side note.

Of course a hot picture might seem necessary but you will reduce the amount of time wasters trolling your page by including a picture that’s mediocre at best.

Because anyone who falls for a fancy picture isn’t very serious about dating online.

You can have incredible success dating online as well as off but you have to learn how to share who you are with others. You have to establish an effective way of telling the world how awesome you are!


Did you update your profile? Leave your comments below.

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