Stop Waiting And Start Dating Today

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I saw a post on Facebook by that contained the tagline, ‘stop waiting, and start dating’.

I couldn’t agree more. Prior to reading these words, I watched an inspiring video by Shanel Cooper-Sykes about our personal procrastinations. Thinking we have to have this before we can have that.

Dating is no different. Many singles believe they are incomplete and can only focus on their love life once other aspects of their lives are put together.

We make excuses because we are just afraid and frustrated.

I’ll start dating when I…

  • Lose weight
  • Move
  • Get a promotion
  • Make more money
  • Have more friends
  • Join Eharmony, OkCupid or

Whatever legitimate sounding excuses you’re using to bow out from the dating game are not going to fly with me. I hear one bullshit excuse after another for why singles aren’t dating or can’t find a date.

You’re not too picky, living in the wrong city, too shy, or too focused on your career. You’re just NOT! Those are all excuses.

Dating is an experience that’s meant to be enjoyed; it’s supposed to be fun. And finding love, more importantly letting love find you, isn’t something you put on hiatus because you want to lose three more pounds or find a new job.

Waiting to date is like waiting to be wealthy or happy. There isn’t a better time to be successful or rich, or beautiful. Now is the time. You shouldn’t have to wait on anything to decide not only that love is important to you but to make it a priority. So how do you start?

Repeat after me.

Love is not something you wait for; love is something you deserve. It is your right to be cared for, accepted, valued and respected. You are open and ready for love to be a part of your life.

You start by admitting to what you want, and not making excuses why you won’t get it.


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One thought on “Stop Waiting And Start Dating Today

  1. Most appreciated, really one can’t just wait giving excuses ………love is one thing we need to give respect in our life it’s part of us and we need to cherish that …….I use to be one that give excuses when my sister told me You really need to make a move and forget about all those excuses
    I took abold step and it worked for me …..

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