Are Your Dating Expectations Realistic?

Our life begins and ends with choices. The best way we can serve ourselves is to be conscious of as many of our decisions as possible. While you can’t control the circumstances you can always control your experience.

When it comes to expectations, it’s natural to have them. The key is accepting that, in dating, our expectations won’t always be met and that’s okay. The way you respond to disappointment, frustration, or any other unwanted emotion that may come when expectations aren’t fulfilled, is up to you. How you respond will ultimately affect future interactions.

If you choose to stay positive and optimistic, you’ll have a bright dating future ahead.

Put every expectation into perspective. When they aren’t fulfilled instead of being angry or feeling hurt choose to learn a lesson. Choose to think positively and take away from the event a positive message.

When you have expectations in dating that aren’t met, feeling angry only hurts you. It creates negative energy in your life, energy that might potentially ruin future interactions.

I want you to accept that having expectations is natural but choose to view the result, no matter what it might be, positively.

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  1. I agree. This is not just great advice for dating, but moving deeper into the relationship, this skill becomes critical. This also leads some folk spend a lot of time trying to change their partners to fit their standards and expectations.

    Thanks for putting this out there!

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