January 2011

‘No Strings Attached’ – Why Sex With Benefits Should Have Guidelines

Can men and women ever just be friends ‘with benefits’? In the new Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher comedy (I’m assuming its supposed to [...]

How To Get A Woman’s Number In 4 Easy Steps

Imagine you’re shopping at a clothing store or a grocery store and behind the counter is a very attractive woman. You smile, you think that you’re flirting and you know you’re attracted to her. she’s already flirting with you, ask for her number She’s smiling too and being extra friendly, you consider starting a conversation but you have no idea what to say. All you can manage is to sign the pinpad and be on your way purchases in hand. Has this scenario ever happened to you? Have you ever in been in prime position to make a move on a potential date but you did nothing? [...]