5 Signs You're Dating The Wrong Person

5 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Person

Single men and women make the same common mistake in dating: they date the wrong people. This isn’t by choice of course but the result of not knowing how to find the right ones. The objective of dating isn’t to convince the wrong person of your value, it’s to find the right people capable of appreciating you. In order to…

How To Stop Being The Right Woman For The Wrong Man

How To Stop Being The Right Woman For The Wrong Man

A man that isn’t actively dating you is the wrong man for you. I get alot of questions about dating and relationships but none more frequent than: I haven’t heard from him, what should I do? My answer is always the same. Move on. Stop settling for crumbs. The nice thing about dating someone casually and not actually being in…

4 Steps To Chilling TFO About Dating

4 Steps To Chilling TFO About Dating

This is a guest post for The Dating Truth by: Candace Wong Is it you or is it men? Dating can be frustrating. It’s getting harder and harder to meet the “right guy”. I bet you feel like you’re out of men to date. Sure, you’ve dated plenty of men but the relationships have gone nowhere. You wish you could understand…

dating expert he didn't text back

Waiting For A Text Back? Try This Instead

Attention. This is what we are fighting for. We want it from others and it’s frustrating when we don’t get it. It’s like a drug that we need a fix of every few hours, if not more. When we don’t get a text back, a call back or any indicators of interest we start to get anxious because what we…



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