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How To Make Your First Dates Better

Famed matchmaker Rachel Greenwald once wrote: the purpose of a first date is to get a second date. I couldn’t agree more. The truth is, the purpose of the first date, is to prove that you can have fun together. So much so that it leads to another date. The concept of “getting to know” someone on the first date…


How To Conquer Your Fear Of Approaching Men

I was so lucky to be a guest on the Single In Stilettos show hosted by matchmaker and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima. Below I give my tips on how to conquer your fear of talking to men. Below is a repost, read the original here…  Show #77: My guest on the show is Ms. Solomon, Dating Coach at TheDatingTruth.com. Do…


3 Ways To Find Love Fast

Are you sick of being single? It’s ok. In this video I tell you the three-step process I used to find love and the relationship I always knew I deserved.   I’m sure you’ve been single long enough to have mastered making the most of it but love is your right. Regardless of how much you enjoy your single life, if…


Stop Asking Do You Have A (Girl)/Boyfriend?

When we meet potential dates for the first time it’s important that we ask the right questions. In this video I share two important questions that make you more interesting to the opposite sex and gets you the info you want to know.